The Israeli Palm Center | Since 1976

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  • המרכז הישראלי לדקלים

Palm Nursery


The Israeli Palm Center offers many palm varieties that have been found suitable for growing in the Israeli and Mediterranean climates, date and coconut palms, ring palms, ornamental and fruit palms, tall and dwarf palms and more. Palm cultivation is a unique cultivation in detached and isolated plantations, thanks to the unique way of cultivation the palms are of the highest quality and show the highest percentages of absorption when replanting. The Israeli Palm Center has thirty years of experience in growing and planting palms.

Palms are ancient land plants and the characteristics of most of them are: a monocotyledonous plant (referring to a leaf with a single seed in the seed of the plant), it is perennial, evergreen, most of the palm is dioecious (it has male and female trees), its roots grow from the trunk which is devoid of branches and at the top The branches of the tree are also called paws due to their shape. The palm family has a large number of species and it is estimated that there are about 2,500-3,500 species distributed in about 210-236 genera.